We are open for dental emergencies

We are open for dental emergencies

We are opem for dental emergenciesWe are OPEN for dental EMERGENCIES! CALL US FOR MORE INFORMATION TODAY. 978-587-3368

If you have an appointment at our practice for routine dental treatment (such as a checkup or cleaning or a filling), the appointment is canceled and we will work with you to reschedule it. We are now restricting treatment to urgent or emergency care only.


Some examples of emergency procedures:
* Severe toothache pain (not just a twinge)
* Swelling of your gums, face, or neck
* Bleeding in your mouth that does not stop
* Infection or a substantial risk of it
* Trauma (such as a broken tooth)


If you do require urgent care, please do not come in without first calling us for our hours of operation and an pre-screening. 978-587-3368

We regret that we must restrict our patient care this way. We are serving our patients in the safest manner possible by following the advice of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention under these difficult circumstances. In doing this, we will safeguard the health and safety of our patients, our care providers, and the whole community. We hope you understand, and we thank you for your cooperation.

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