How to Care for Your Baby's Teeth

How to Care for Your Baby’s Teeth

How to Care for Your Babyu's TeethYour child’s oral health is important from a very early age. From day one, it’s important to care for your baby’s gums. Yet, many parents are not sure where to start with caring for gums, teething, or managing pacifiers. Here’s what you need to know.


Caring for Gums

Even before your child’s first tooth appears, it is important to begin caring for gums. You don’t need to use any type of chemical or toothpaste-like product on the gums. However, you should check them to ensure they are healthy. After eating, use a clean, damp washcloth to rub the gum tissue very lightly. This helps ensure there are no food fragments left behind.



When a child’s teeth begin to come in, it can be frustrating for parents. The teeth hurt, causing the child to struggle with pain and discomfort. There are some types of safe products to use to soothe their pain on the market, but your goal should be to use only holistic and natural products designed for children. A frozen teething ring can also help minimize their pain.


Early Tooth Decay

Earth tooth decay can occur in babies after their first teeth begin to come in. Sometimes called baby bottle tooth decay, it occurs when sugary substances, such as juice, milk, or formula are given. These substances can be problematic if not wiped away, as noted above.



Pacifiers can be very important to children right after birth. They are designed to encourage a child to suck, building up those muscles and processes to encourage easy feeding. However, the sucking gesture also becomes relaxing for them, which is why many parents continue to provide pacifiers to children at a young age. Yet, it’s best not to use them once the child is able to eat well. The first few years, a pacifier isn’t likely to cause damage. However, long-term use can create significant damage to the child’s teeth. Remove using it as soon as possible to avoid this. By the time your child is losing his or her first baby tooth, no pacifier should be present.


Baby’s First Tooth

Seeing that small, little tooth pop up can be an exciting time for many parents. It is also the signal that it is time to start brushing the child’s teeth with toothpaste. Again, choose only a natural or holistic product and one that is designed specifically for infants. Unlike adults who understand not to swallow the toothpaste, babies cannot do this. Use a small amount of toothpaste on an infant toothbrush. Be sure to use a damp cloth to wipe away any excess formula at this time.


First Visit to the Dentist

Once that first tooth comes in, it is a good time to consider bringing your child in for his or her first dental visit. Do this within six months if possible. This is because tooth decay can be a significant problem early on. Our dentist will inspect the teeth, provide you with tips on keeping your baby’s teeth healthy, and help you with any questions you have.


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