Teaching Kids to Brush Their Teeth Dentistry

Teaching Kids to Brush Their Teeth

One of the most important things you can teach your child about his or her oral health is how to brush teeth properly. Teaching kids to brush their teeth is not always easy to do. Children don’t always see it as important as it is. That’s okay, we can teach them.

Tips to Help Your Child Learn to Brush

To teach kids to brush, and brush the right way, consider a few key tips.

  • Teach them why it is important to brush their teeth. Talk about how important it is to remove all of the sticky substances from the teeth after we eat. Let your children know that brushing their teeth is just as important as washing their hands.
  • Let your children participate in the process. This includes brushing their own teeth. Even children who are three or four can learn to do it themselves. Then, let them pick a fun toothbrush and the toothpaste they like. This helps them engage with the process and want to be a part of it.
  • Create a reward chart to track their progress. Encourage children to add a sticker after they brush their teeth. They will appreciate being able to track their efforts but also their ability to earn recognition for them.
  • Do it together. It is important to let kids see just how important it is for you as well. Children follow their parent’s lead. Encourage them to brush with you.
  • Find a fun brushing song. While singing “Happy Birthday” is a good start, you can also find other versions online that may be a bit more fun.

Tips for Parents

Keeping your children’s teeth healthy will help them form good habits over time:

  • Be sure to schedule routine dental appointments with a pediatric dentist.
  • Talk about the right types of toothpaste and fluoride washes based on your child’s age and needs.
  • You can start flossing your child’s teeth. Do this as soon as the teeth begin touching each other.
  • Talk about the importance of mouth guards with your dentist if your child is starting sports.
  • Let us help you make decisions about the use of sealants.

We encourage you to come in and allow our team to help your child learn to brush their teeth. At Growing Smile Pediatric Dentistry and Braces, we are always available to help you. Call us now for an appointment.

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