On April 1, children all over the country will wake early to search for their basket of goodies: small toys and colorful eggs containing candy, along with a variety of larger sweets of chocolate bunnies and candy bars, all packaged in a basket made of wicker or plastic. It is estimated that 88% of Americans prepare Easter baskets for their children (delivered of course ...Continue reading »

Babies have a suckling reflex that often extends past the first years of life. Thumb sucking is a natural extension of that reflex, often used by babies and toddlers when they feel insecure or require soothing to get to sleep or de-stress. While sucking on his thumb may help him deal with stressful situations, once his teeth come in, constant thumb sucking can affect ...Continue reading »

Growing Smile Pediatric Dentistry and Braces had an amazing time visiting, Lynn Shelter Associates.  We were able to donate beautiful T-shirts and Dental Hygiene bags for anyone in need! We look forward to working and spreading our dental knowledge to the families and individuals in need! Thank You for having us.

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